Farmer’s Market (Galería Alameda)

My favorite way to start the day here at Casa Miraflores in Cali is going to the farmer’s market aka Galería Alameda. From six in the morning to roughly six in the evening (the earlier the better) you will find locals selling not only delicious super foods like the papaya and pitahaya, but also incredible restaurants featuring traditional foods from the Pacific. Surrounding the market are some of Cali’s best seafood restaurants with great menu’s del dia. Inside the market you can find anything from a hipster friendly coffee shop, vegan store/restaurant, a huge butcher shop, artisans and herbs on herbs on herbs. Sit down at the restaurant on the corner…don’t fear the giant plate of chorizo aka sausage because you can have an all-vegetarian meal, including: yucca, fried plantain, veggie soup and ají (salsa).  Take your time walking the isles, listening to the salsa music at each stand playing off the vendor’s radios as they prep their stands full of a rainbow of fruits and veggies. At the end of it all, bring your new found treasures back to Casa Miraflores and cook family style with your fellow travelers.

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